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DataForSEO Trends API: Overview

DataForSEO Trends API employs our proprietary algorithm to supply you with the keyword popularity rate over time and keyword popularity rate for the specified region.

For now, DataForSEO Trends API provides keyword trends for Google Search, Google News, and Google Shopping. We also plan to expand the number of datasources in the nearest future.

How our algorithm works: we identify pages from the selected trends type associated with a specific keyword and subsequently build a comprehensive graph that illustrates the keyword’s popularity across the Internet. This approach is different from the Google Trends algorithm, which bases keyword popularity on the sheer volume of searches. Our algorithm provides a more nuanced understanding of the keyword’s online presence.

Specifying two or more keywords, you can compare their popularity rates on a relative scale. However, note that the number of keywords you can compare is limited to five.


DataForSEO Trends API supports DataForSEO Labs API supports only the Live method of data retrieval. It doesn’t require making separate POST and GET requests to the corresponding endpoints and delivers instant results. You can send up to 2000 API calls per minute. Contact us if you would like to raise the limit.


The cost can be calculated on the Pricing page.

You can check your spending in your account dashboard or by making a separate call to the User Data endpoint.